Building Your Team at BLPS Content Connections

We feel that the world of publishing services is consolidating, that content and technology need to be integrated fully, and that the value of great content should never be diminished. That’s why the word “content” and “connections” are in our name.

Vision: Our team is led by Myron Cizdyn, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Myron is responsible for the strategic direction and high-level client relations of BLPS Content Connections. He brings to the table 25 years of experience in educational, religious, and trade publishing, including stints in the Vatican, Rome, Ukraine and throughout the USA. Myron’s deep background in all matters operational allow him to ensure client satisfaction, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. As a skilled strategic planner, Myron is adept at analyzing market conditions and developing a strategy to maximize profits and quality. Time and time again, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability in developing relationships, especially in the global business environment. You can find his profile here.

Process: Lesia Cizdyn,Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer. With nearly two decades of worldwide experience with the U.S. Defense Department as a contract negotiator, cost/price analyst and Contracting Officer, Lesia is an expert in developing and cascading the organization’s strategy/mission statement to the BLPS Content Connections team and ensuring that all are aligned with organizational goals. Lesia is a detailed planner who knows how to prioritize client, team and organizational requirements and drive performance metric throughout all departments of BLPS. You can find her profile here.

Execution: Melanie Cizdyn, Senior Project Manager. Melanie manages and coordinates all projects with the BLPS internal project teams, as well as with clients. Her responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating all project teams to ensure milestone compliance, as well as directing our quality assurance and quality control efforts to ensure the best product, every time. You can find her profile here.